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Sharing my philosophy behind the camera


I’ve just returned from presenting at a 5-day photographic workshop at Hidden Valley in North Queensland. Ten professional and enthusiast photographers had travelled from across the country to learn and improve their knowledge. The purpose of the workshop was to give an insight into my philosophy behind the camera and how I have applied it to my work. I was invited to conduct a series of workshops. However, the attendees commented that they also got a lot of value from the informal conversations that arose outside of the sessions.

It provided them with an opportunity to ask questions about topics that were personally interesting to them. For example, over breakfast one morning an attendee asked me to elaborate on the steps that I take when producing a book (I have produced twelve). She had wanted for years to put together her own book about her cattle station, but didn’t know how to go about it. Ninety minutes later, we had a 40-step guide to book production. It was enormously satisfying to assist this photographer to achieve her goals. The discussion had provided her with an achievable pathway to producing her own book. I have no doubt it will be a reality. It was suggested to me that I could engage with photographers on an ongoing basis through a blog. The idea appealed to me.


I will be offering formal workshops on an ongoing basis, but this blog will provide a place for ongoing engagement with other photographers and photography enthusiasts. I plan to share some of the insights into my philosophy behind the camera, developed over the past 50 years.

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Richard was born in Tasmania, Australia, and has lived on the island all his life.
Tasmania’s environment was a catalyst for his career as a photographer and still inspires his projects today.

Richard began walking in Tasmania’s South West World Heritage wilderness at age 17 and it captivated him. He realized he needed a camera to capture the beauty and mood of the area so that he could share it with others. This was the beginning of his photography career.