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Richard Bennett has a fascinating and inspiring story. It translates perfectly into a keynote presentation for conferences and events. His presentation gives an insight into Tasmanian life. It also provides a visual feast of incredible Tasmanian images.

Why Richard is a great choice

  • Richard is a Tasmanian speaker, ideal for Tasmanian events.
  • Richard offers a very small number of keynote presentations per year, so delegates will be hearing something new.
  • Each presentation is unique – tailored to the needs of the audience.
  • The content is relevant to any conference type.
  • His story is inspirational – giving delegates value to take back into their own business roles and lives.
  • Richard’s presentations have received incredible feedback.

Content can include:

  • From Apple orchardist to mountaineer – how a boy from Australia’s southern most municipality made it onto the first Australian Andean Expedition and climbed to the summit of some of the world’s highest peaks.
  • The storm – capturing the 1998 Sydney to Hobart yacht race.
  • 63 days in the Indian Ocean – a straight passage from Cape Town to Fremantle.
  • Making a career out of what you love – 50 years of photography inspired by Tasmania.
  • Innovating in your business to remain profitable.


“Richard Bennett has lived an exceedingly full and fascinating life. His award winning photographs clearly reflect the driving passions which have fueled his creative journey. I found his recent audio-visual presentation to be deeply moving. It not only gave me revealing background information which added a whole new dimension to this already larger-than-life-person. Richard also gave us insights into what it means to be truly human, as well as a photographer. I believe his words and images cannot fail to motivate and inspire anybody fortunate enough to attend one of his talks. Rock on Richard!”

Michael Kenna
June 23, 2013

“Richard is an inspirational presenter and speaker…Quite simply I sat for 90 minutes stunned at how Richard was able to relate his many experiences to the world of 2013 and beyond. To listen to him speak, to relate to the way he feels, and to understand the mastery of his technique and craft is something I will remember for a long time.
Members of the audience both young and old I know felt the same.

In my four years with this institute [Australian Institute of Professional Photography] I have sat through over 100 presentations and I can quite honestly say that Richard's presentation was the most enjoyable and inspirational of them all.  I can quite heartily and sincerely recommend Richard Bennett as a presenter for your seminar.”

Peter Myers
CEO of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography

“Your talk was, by comment assent, ‘fantastic’, so I am very pleased indeed that you can come to speak to us again. Your topic, your wonderful photos and your whole style of presentation – all were exceptional, and our members were enthusiastic in their praise. So thank you again for sparing time for us in what is obviously your very busy life.”

Leone Scrivener
U3A Hobart

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