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Daringly captured, then lovingly printed, Richard's photographs are fine art icons.
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From the Tasmanian wilderness to yacht racing - Richard adds priceless context by recounting the stories behind his shots.
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Federation Peak – one of life’s great adventures

Regarded by many as Australia’s most magnificent and challenging peak, a trip to Federation Peak remains one of life’s great adventures Federation Peak stands above the rugged Eastern Arthurs Range, 30 kilometres from Tasmania’s south coast. The summit is 1300 meters high, just over 4000 feet, with steep grey rocky cliffs on all sides. Images […]

‘Operation Southwest’ – a story about family, the weather and the wilderness.

An expedition into Southwest Tasmania is beyond many adults, let alone young children. The weather is wild, the walking is tough, you have to carry a heavy pack and the tracks are muddy and wet. So, four years ago, we started ‘Operation Southwest’…

Planes, Boots, Boats and Scuba gear – Capturing the essence of Lord Howe Island

I was photographing a book on Lord Howe Island in 1992. Lord Howe is a sub-tropical world heritage-listed island in the South Pacific Ocean, 700km off the coast of eastern Australia. When considering the project, I was initially concerned about the light. It was flat sub-tropical light, unlike the strong oblique light we have in […]

Fostering a love for adventure in the wilderness 

Introducing young children to a remote wilderness experience is a wonderful thing. Encouraging the appreciation of the wonders of the natural world and the joy of shared adventures. I have been planning a seven-day trip into the remote southwest of Tasmania for two of our grandsons and their mother Claire.  Preparation has been underway for […]

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Each shot is hand-finished by Richard, using museum-quality papers and ink. He puts as much effort into printing as he does into shooting.
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Richard’s reputation as the synonymous Sydney-Hobart photographer over the past 50 years elevates his prints to iconic status.