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Photographing the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race

Photographing the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race

The ultimate presentation.
Across five decades presents the story of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race over the past five decades, through the eyes of a master photographer. Both in words and images, this is a bird’s eye view and a behind the scenes account of the defining moments of this world-famous race. It also tells the story of how an avid adventurer became one of the world’s most identifiable and celebrated yacht race photographers.

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2018 Race Images Now Available!

Sydney to Hobart 2018 - here
Melbourne to Hobart 2018 - here
Launceston to Hobart 2018 - here


2017 Race Images

Sydney to Hobart 2017 - here
Melbourne to Hobart 2017 - here
Launceston to Hobart 2017 - here


NEW RELEASE - FROM CAPE TO CAPE Tasmania’s South Coast Track

FROM CAPE TO CAPE Tasmania’s South Coast Track

Wild, untouched and beautiful, Tasmania’s South Coast is almost an annual pilgrimage for photographer and adventurer Richard Bennett. In his stunning new book, he shares for the first  time his intimate knowledge of this remote wilderness.  His photography and insights make the region  accessible, and the journey one of comfort for both  the body and the soul.

Including 192 pages of images and text.

Hard cover.

Available in the webstore - here

This year I'm doing things differently.

Again this year I photographed the races from a helicopter using a 50 megapixel camera which enables fine detail.

My photograph's are archival and printed on ILFORD Textured Cotton Rag.A 100% cotton rag paper designed to last a life time.

Each print is individual. Signed, with the boat name, the event and the year below the image. I can emboss the word “CREW MEMBER”, “OWNERS EDITON” or “SPONSORS EDITION” into the paper. I can also include your name if you wish. The print will be as unique as your experience. It is finished with an embossed studio seal - a mark of authenticity.


New Winners / Line Honours Fine Art Edition

41 years of Sydney - Hobart history in a Limited Edition fine art print.

Every boat to win the Sydney - Hobart Yacht Race on handicap from 1974 to 2014.

Limited Edition Fine Art Print. 95 cm x 85 cm
Limited to a numbered edition 50 prints.

Each print is signed by the photographer and embossed with the Richard Bennett Photography stamp.


Every boat to win Line Honours in the Sydney - Hobart Yacht Race from 1975 to 2014.

Limited Edition Fine Art Print. 95 cm x 85 cm
Limited to a numbered edition 50 prints.

Each print is signed by the photographer.


Tasmanian Photographer Richard Bennett, has photographed the Sydney to Hobart yacht race for 44 years. He has developed a unique style as a yacht race photographer, incorporating the rugged Tasmanian coastline, the ever-changing seascape and the yacht in its element.

Richard’s career as a photographer was sparked by his love of the Tasmanian landscape, adventure and yachts. Richard started walking in and photographing the Tasmanian landscape at just 17 years of age. From climbing the highest peaks in the South West Tasmanian wilderness, to making first ascents on the first Australian Andean Expedition, Richard became a photographer to share these remote landscapes with others.

Richard conducts photographic workshops for enthusiast and professional photographers in the remote Tasmanian landscape. He also conducts keynote presentations for conferences on building a career around the things that you love, featuring beautiful Tasmanian photography and interesting stories such as the 1998 Sydney to Hobart yacht race storm. Richard is an AIPP Master of Photography.

This photography is a work of art.

44 years in the making

Hand printed on the finest quality art paper.

Embossed with "Crew Member" or "Owner's Edition", with your name, the name of the boat, and the event name and year, printed on the border.

Your print is as individual as your experience.

Select your image at Constitution Dock, Hobart, 27 December - 1 January or online.

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