About the Photographer

Richard was born in Tasmania, Australia, and has lived on the island all his life.
Tasmania’s environment was a catalyst for his career as a photographer and still inspires his projects today.

Image ©Alice Bennett


Tasmania’s Wilderness
Richard began walking in Tasmania’s South West World Heritage wilderness at age 17 and it captivated him. He realized he needed a camera to capture the beauty and mood of the area so that he could share it with others. This was the beginning of his photography career.

Image ©Belinda Cox


The Australian Andean Expedition
Richard was accepted as a member of the first Australian Andean Expedition in 1969. The team completed 26 ascents on 18 different mountains each between 18000 to 20000 feet. Thirteen were first ascents.


The Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race
Richard’s love of adventure also drew him to the sea. In 1974 he hired a plane and photographed his first Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. Over the next few years Richard developed a unique style. From a fixed wing aircraft he followed the yachts. Using his images to tell the story of this world famous race. Richard has photographed every Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race in 44 years.


The 1998 Sydney to Hobart Storm
Richard’s images of the Sydney to Hobart storm in 1998 populated media around the globe. He assisted search and rescue teams to locate the distressed crews requiring rescue. His images saw him receive the 1999 Nikon Kodak Australian Press Photographer of the Year Award for the best sports photograph.


Indian Ocean Crossing
In 2001 Richard crossed the Southern Indian Ocean with Dr Joe Cannon and John Wedd on Joe’s 35-foot yacht. The winter voyage took 63 days and encountered some of the worst storms imaginable. The yacht was rolled at night in massive seas 2700 nautical miles south west of Freemantle.


Cooking and Food
Richard’s love of cooking and food has influenced his work. He recently collaborated with great friend and great cook, Jill Mure, to produce the book Bruny Island - food from the edge of the world. The compilation of recipes, stories and images depicting the Bruny Island lifestyle was Number 1 bestseller in Tasmania.


Richard’s 50-year photographic career has been built around photographing the things that he loves. He continues to pursue projects that inspire him.
To read more about Richard’s photography and experiences follow his blog.

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