Varuna (2013)

Yacht: Varuna

Race: Sydney Hobart

Year: 2013

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Yacht design has changed. Sails and hulls have changed too, from white to black. New digital cameras have changed too, enabling me to shoot at first light using higher ISO speeds. The result is dramatic in this case, and the red storm jib makes it work pictorially.

I just love, getting out there and concentrating all my life’s experience and all the preparation and the equipment and nailing that shot. I live for it. And now I can come home and I can open a 50 megapixel raw file on my computer and be amazed at the quality in that image.

Now, I get to make a print of this. Ansell Adams said that producing the image is the musical score, but making the print is the performance.

Varuna was a German yacht. The international profile of the Sydney Hobart as one of the world’s great ocean races is attracting competitors from around the world. In 1994 the German boat Raptor won.


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